Specialised Fiery Ginger Beer X 6 Bottles For Delivery in Hong Kong 

Ingredients: Water, Root Ginger, Thai Chilis, Lemon Juice, Sugar, RGB Plant


8% ALC./VOL.330mL


Primal Scream Fiery Ginger Brew


    Specialised Fiery Ginger Beer

    Ingredients: Water, Root Ginger, Thai Chilis, Lemon Juice, Sugar, RGB Plant

    Potential Circa. 15%
    Target: 9.5% ALC./VOL.330mL
    Date Available: 1 week delivery time


    Symbiotic Fermentation

    Two organisms are present in RGB (Real Ginger Beer 'Plant') ginger beer... One is a fungus called Saccharomyces Pyriformis and the other, a bacterium called Brevibacterium Vermiforme, these two microbes developed a symbiotic relationship, to their mutual benefit. The bacterium consumes the yeasts waste products , while the yeast benefits from the their removal and together they produce the key ingredients (Carbon Dioxide and Alcohol) of AUTHENTIC traditional Firey Hot Ginger Beer.

    Brewed and available in Hong Kong

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